An Orgasm A Day Keeps Heart Disease At Bay

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An Orgasm A Day Keeps Heart Disease At Bay


Did Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones (played by the beautiful Kim Cattrall) know something that we didn’t about the wonders of a daily orgasm?  We all assumed she was in it purely for the the pleasure, but in reality, aside from the feel good factor of a leg trembling orgasmic experience, it appears that having orgasms on a regular basis, is actually extremely good for your health.

The first health benefit of orgasms is that you burn calories.  In fact you can burn up to a whopping 200 calories for a monster orgasm session.

Having an orgasm can also help control cravings for food.  How?  During sexual stimulation, your body releases phenethylamine, a natural amphetimine which helps to regulate your appetite.

Orgasms help to relieve tension in the body, help to reduce depression and also help to relieve pain (due to the release of endorphines).  Endorphines help to improve the appearance of your hair, brighten your skin and even help to prevent wrinkles and frown lines from deepening.

Orgasms help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, and can help to fight cervical infections.

But probably the most fascinating benefits of experiencing orgasms is that it can help prevent  some serious illnesses, including type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and some cancers.  Once again this is due to the release of endorphines which act as an immune boost to the body.  Therefore, experiencing regular orgasms can help protect your body.

Women who are serious about looking after their health, should consider introducing regular orgasms into their fitness and diet regime.  Not only is it an extremely pleasurable experience, you could potentially be extending your life expectancy!

Gentleman, please do not despair or feel left out!  The good news is that it’s not only women who experience health benefits from regular orgasms, men do too!

Men who experience regular orgasms are at a lower risk of developing prostrate cancer, also a lower risk of developing heart disease and can help to prevent painful urination during old age.  This is in addition to the same benefits women can experience (boosting your immune system, having healthy skin, helping reduce depression, relieve tension etc).

So what are you waiting for?  Have fun and get healthy!

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